Ghostly Touch (Golden) [FAB085] (Promo) Cold Foil

Ghostly Touch (Golden) [FAB085] (Promo)  Cold Foil

Ghostly Touch (Golden) [FAB085] (Promo) Cold Foil

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Set: Promo
Finish: Cold Foil - Golden
Type: Equipment
Subtype: Arms
Rarity: Promo
Class: Illusionist
Whenever an Illusionist attack you control is destroyed by phantasm, put a haunt counter on Ghostly Touch. Once per Turn Action — Remove a haunt counter from Ghostly Touch: Until end of turn, this becomes an Illusionist ally with phantasm, base [Power] and [Life] equal to the number of haunt counters on it, and "Once per Turn Action — [3 Resources]: Attack. Go again
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